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Active learning can maximize student learning while minimizing classroom disruptions.  Get your momentum going in the Latin classroom by planning meaningful and engaging activities that involve all your students.  Read Dr. Melissa Schons Bishop’s Momentum and Classroom Management for ideas on structuring and pacing activities that involve all your students.  Dr. Bishop recently introduced her new site Creative Classical Curriculum.

Professor Dexter Hoyos has kindly provided a copy of his 10 Basic Rules for Reading Latin, which are excerpted from and more fully explained in his manual Latin How to Read It Fluently, available from CANEPress.

Use those macrons to help you and your students pronounce Latin correctly.  Read On the Importance of Macrons in Latin Instruction by Professor Richard A. LaFleur, whom you will no doubt recognize as the editor of the Wheelock’s Latin Series.  Find out exactly why those long marks are so important!

Also recently added and continually being updated -- a page of resources focusing on Latin Language Teaching Methodologies!

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